Pastor's Blog

Resisting like Jesus

Dear Friends:

In the middle of these cold temperatures we are not thinking of heat and humidity. However, we know what it is like when it is very hot. We look for something cold to drink. I have no doubt that Jesus was tempted to give Himself food and water when He was enduring the desert heat. I have no doubt that in His agony He might also have thought about seizing power for Himself. These are the things that tempt us when we are worn out and beaten down. Lent begins with the temptation of Jesus. Like us in all things but sin, He knew about being and feeling deprived and weak. In our times of weakness, evil can find a foothold in our lives. At those moments we find in Jesus an example of how to resist temptation – patiently, humbly, with trust in God’s promise of salvation.

Yours in Christ,
Very Rev. Michael A. Carrano