The Colors of the Holy Spirit

Dear Friends: The Descent of the Holy Spirit by Muziano shows us how colorful the first Christians were. Each one is different, each unique, each has his or her own background. Yet when the Spirit calls them together with Mary, … Continue reading

Resisting like Jesus

Dear Friends: In the middle of these cold temperatures we are not thinking of heat and humidity. However, we know what it is like when it is very hot. We look for something cold to drink. I have no doubt … Continue reading

What’s your reaction?

Dear Friends: In today’s Gospel, Jesus reads the words of Isaiah and declares to those in the synagogue that the words have been fulfilled. The people’s reaction simply is not the same. Throughout our own lives, we have reacted to … Continue reading

Time to think about….Baptism

Dear Friends: Today, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus. We know that Jesus was baptized in the Jordan by John. Jesus asks to be baptized. He does this to show the importance of baptism since baptism … Continue reading

Gifts shared

Dear Friends: Today we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany. We recall how three Magi came a long distance to see the Child Jesus. As we know, they brought Jesus three meaningful gifts. Today we also remember that Jesus is … Continue reading

The Strength of a faith-touch

Dear Friends: In today’s Gospel we meet a woman of great faith. When she saw Jesus, she didn’t ask Him to touch or even speak to her. She simply believed that touching His garment would bring relief. A few weeks … Continue reading

Pastoral Council Nominations

Dear Friends: This weekend, at all the Masses, a member of the Pastoral Council will speak briefly. The message is an important message because it will outline the duties and responsibilities of those who sit on the Council. Next weekend … Continue reading

Turn to the Healer

Dear Friends: People were always amazed at the power of Jesus – especially when He performed miracles. His power was evident when He reads and preaches with authority. It is more manifest when He simply rebukes a demon and the … Continue reading

A call to change

Dear Friends: When does someone’s words move us so that our actions or behavior changes. In Mark’s Gospel, Christ’s invitation is just as compelling for the four fishermen who abandon their nets and their father and immediately change their direction … Continue reading

Following Jesus

Dear Friends: I wonder what Andrew and the other disciples thought when John called Jesus “the Lamb of God.” Whatever it was, they must have seen in Jesus someone who could answer their questions or give them something they were … Continue reading

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