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Devotion to Padre Pio O Glorious Saint Pio, bearing the wounds of Christ you generously accepted your sufferings, and labored faithfully for the good of all souls. Help me to embrace that same attitude of acceptance in my life. With confidence, I ask for your intercession to obtain the grace of (make your request), which I ardently desire. If it is not, however, God’s will that this should come to pass, then help me to find serenity and joy in God’s choices for me. Amen This is a precious relic of the Holy Face, reported by Padre Domenico Da Cese, a fellow capuchin stigmatist, on September 22, 1968. He saw St. P.Pio kneeling in prayer before the Holy Face of Manoppello, even though it was known that P.Pio had not left his room. Prayer and suffering have always been the weapons with which St. P.Pio won the battles against evil.   (Click on this link for detailed information.)   Manoppello St. P.Pio invites us to receive the Eucharistic Jesus, so He can transform us into His Image. We invite you to read the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano from Lanciano, Italy. St. P.Pio said “I think that the most Holy Eucharist is the great means to aspire to holy perfection. If men only appreciated the value of a Holy Mass, they would need traffic officers at the church doors everyday to keep the crowds in order.”   (Click on this link for detailed information.) Miracle of Lanciano

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A response to the spiritual needs of our times, as perceived by St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina a mirror of Christ, to promote the spreading of the teaching of Christ, who repeatedly insisted on the necessity of Prayer. We wish to strengthen our faith through the gift of God’s love, St. Padre Pio, to the church. We are called to sanctify ourselves through prayer and evangelization. A willingness to share in the suffering of Christ, as means of reparation. Sharing your gifts can edify us. Prayer is the best weapon we possess, it is the key which opens the way to God’s heart. We hope to continue to have the Nativity Play every December to prepare the meeting cradle of our hearts for the coming of our Savior. St. Padre Pio loved Christmas. Each Christmas he would request that the Nativity scene be set up in the Friary Church just opposite his confessional, where he usually spent many hours every day hearing confessions. This way he could look at the statue of the Baby Jesus, as he shared God’s love and forgiveness with the thousands of people who sought his spiritual assistance. The Padre Pio Prayer group meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in the Church with Holy Mass followed by the Rosary, Novena, and the Veneration of the Relic of St.P.Pio. St. Padre Pio and Our Lady who is the shortcut to get to God will smile on you for the  gift of your presence. We also have a social on special occasions and show films on St. P.Pio. or on religious life. There are no membership fees. If you are interested in becoming part of this group, please leave a message at the Rectory (718) 429-5438 and a member of the Padre Pio prayer group will return your call.

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